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Take a Risk; It'll Never Be Easy To Grow

We end up in all of our current situations based on comfortability levels. This affects all facets of our lives. At first, I was speaking with a friend about professional advancement, but really how we navigate our professional lives is based on our fundamental values in our general everyday decisions.

People very regularly remind me to never become complacent. I swore that I embraced the very concept until I was put into a position to speak my mind on something to which I had kept to myself. It happens to us all the time. I'm sure if you closed your eyes and really thought about it, you could think of a time where you did the same thing.

We very regularly hold ourselves back because of the unknown that follows. Because we are unsure of what can come next, we create excuses for ourselves to not say anything at all or shoot our shot at whatever it is that we want. It's too easy to stay where you are at currently. It's too easy to not deal with change.

In Sit Down, It's All In Your Head, I talked about not altering a current situation when you know nothing necessarily positive will come from the change. Why make a change when you're unsure if it'll ruin things or not? Well, I had a serious realization. I have identified a flaw that us crummy humans do very regularly.

We aren't afraid of taking the plunge in our jobs, quitting because your boss pissed you off, changing career paths in school, etc. But when it comes to telling people how we feel or serious personal alterations in our lives, it's like we go stupid and stop taking chances that allow us to advance.

Success wouldn't be so great without failure. I say that very often at work, but I've never applied that in my personal life. I don't usually take the plunge and stick up for how I feel. I'm great at running and great at hiding and so is everyone else. It's not easy to tell your spouse that your marriage is over. It's not easy to have to split custody of your child. It's not easy to tell someone you care about them. It's not easy to admit to a lie. It's not easy; none of it is. And it's not supposed to be.

Personal growth is often our biggest downfall. Doesn't that sound silly though? Would you rather get yelled at every day of the week? Would you rather just deal with the emotional abuse? Would you rather deal with rejection every day? Would you rather feel miserable and dissatisfied with your life? Would you rather keep going with the way things are? Honestly?

I don't think we ask ourselves these questions enough. We all have an overabundance of personal problems and we are constantly weighing the cost and benefit with each other and choose wrong. We aren't contributing to personal growth. We take the coward way out and don't make any changes and convince ourselves that "we're working on it." when we aren't working on anything and everything keeps going through its cycles.

Everybody moves at their own speed. One huge thing I've noticed as things settle in my life and watching others go through their own challenges, is that there is nothing you could say to make someone else's situation any easier. Even if you hold the answers and share it, people are still going to continue to make mistakes at their own pace. There is not a whole lot you can do to speed up the process for others.

But what you can control, is you. Make the right decisions for yourself. Actually take the plunge and say what it is that you had to say this whole time. End your misery and find your happiness in life. Don't let people walk all over you. Stand up and take control of your life. Stop taking the easy way out and allowing exceptions in your life for things that don't bring you real happiness.

Don't choose easy. Choose you.

Maybe in my past blogs I didn't instill this ideal in my life and writing, but you’re watching me grow. You're reading my thoughts as they happen. And yesterday, I just so happened to speak how I feel in some way, shape, or form and that was out of character for me. And whatever consequences follow, I'm willing to accept. Do the same for yourself. Build, learn, and grow!

Stop trying to build an empire when you don't even have a foundation laid down for yourself yet.

Love yourself.

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