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Silence is Louder Than You'd Think

Two things:

Avoid it or don't.

I particularly enjoy speaking about the elephant in the room but most people don't. We look at our own actions and realize usually when it's too late how we may have gotten wrapped up in something we shouldn't have.

As weird as it may sound, I don't mind laying in the bed I make for myself, regardless of the mess I may have made and the consequences that come along with it. I'm a very deliberate person. Everything I do has many nights of thinking, conversations with friends, and risk assessment backing it.

When I look in the mirror, I see all my faults, give or take some natural blind spots I may have. I pride myself in the way I prioritize this. But then I also understand that it's easier to avoid self reflection and that's typically how other people approach things.

It doesn't get me mad, because I give them the benefit of the doubt. But to me, why wouldn't you just own whatever is weighing on your heart instead of hold it all in?

Silence is so loud. Silence tells a person so much and people don't realize it. I know it's never easy to speak your truth and say what's on your heart and mind but wouldn't you rather communicate the correct message than allow your silence to deliver an inaccurate one? I struggle doing it all the time. We all worry about the timing of what we say. But honestly, is there ever really a "right time"?

Find out early if you're wasting your time; talk to them.

Put them out of their misery sooner and spare them the time; talk to them.

Don't assume somebody knows what you're going through; talk to them.

If you really are worried about them; talk to them.

If you can't live without someone; talk to them.

If you can't be around someone anymore; talk to them.

Whatever it is; Talk. To. Them.

We all make mistakes. We all break hearts. We all need answers. We all need reassurance and security. No matter how much a person denies it, they live by it. We all generally want the same thing: Something real. Just anything that is real and honest.

Your silence is so loud.

Your drawback says something is wrong.

Your lack of presence screams that you don't want to be there.

Your silence says, "NO."

Your silence is painful.

Your silence is cowardly.

Your silence is full of shame.

Your silence is not clever.

Your silence is not fair.

Your silence is so. damn. loud.

I learned a long time ago that any information is good information, even if it's bad or hurts when I get it. It lets me know what lies ahead. It lets me know who cares. It lets me know which direction to set my sights to. It lets me know who to prioritize.

But I have also learned that when I NEED answers, silence IS an answer because it is SO LOUD. Silence, in the most crucial moments, is a sign that that is no longer where your attention should be. We don't always get the answers we are entitled to. Sometimes silence IS your answer.

Silence is louder than you'd think.

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