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She's Got a Bad, Bad, Bad Reputation

Welcomeback everyone and hello to the new comers!

Today a topic came up that totally had me thinking about bad reputations. I obviously have been through a lot of stuff and for many years, I didn't handle any of it the right way, so these days, I'm still left picking up the mess I created. If I could say a few things to the people in the back and explain some stuff, this blog could serve that purpose.

*Shrugs Shoulders*


We, as human beings, hear this expression all the time. When you see somebody and you don't like them or you don't vibe with them, you have a right to feel that way. However, don't let it affect your ability to be cordial. You don't know what that person is going through. I know that doesn't excuse their actions, but still, tread. lightly. You don't owe that person anything, but maybe they aren't okay! Do your due diligence to check on them and if it doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up. But for me, the times where people hated me the most was always the time where I struggled the worst in life. And wow, to struggle, be hated, and no one checking on you is too much for a person to handle. What if it were you? Would you want someone to check on you, sit your down, find the problem? Whats the worst that can happen, they say no?


Everybody has a right to be cautious. However, you cannot let things you hear about someone's past or things you know about someone's past affect how you feel about them now. No one said you had to be a person's Best Friend after they have wronged you, but sometimes you are going to have to learn to be cordial to get through the workday, get through class together, etc. If you hold on to someone's past, you could make them relive their pain over and over again. For me, some people didn't like me. Cool, not everybody is going to get along. I don't blame them because I did some really stupid stuff years ago. But that's just it. YEARS AGO. So now why is it that everyday I have to work hard to undo the damage of people spreading rumors when I've proved I'm not that person anymore? I mean, I guess in some ways I deserve it. But when do I get my clean slate? Five years? or ten?


If someone wronged you, you NEED to tell them. It's the only way we can grow. They may not be receptive to it at the time and they might not ever fix it. But there is still a chance they think about it and consider it; if not now, whenever they are humbled and change. When I found out about how some people felt about me, all I could think was, "Why didn't you just tell me? I had no idea." And shoot, they probably hated me too because they thought I didn't want to change. But the whole time I was willing and they never knew. In life, we all have to learn how to calm down, stick to the facts, and deliver constructive criticism to people. We are always going to be around someone we don't like, so why not at least try to be constructive and work together towards a solution?


If you hold things against people long enough, you turn out to be the negative guy. And by the way, the negative guy is NEVER the cool guy. Like I said, go ahead a be cautious. Go ahead and keep it in the back of your mind. But, don't spread negativity around. Sometimes people work on their character and despite all the rumors about them, they turn out to be a great person. Once that happens, it gets a little sad because the person holding all the negativity becomes uncool while trying to spread it all around. "What? You think your better now? Let me tell them about the time when you..." Don't be negative. Don't be uncool.

Short. Simple. Sweet. BE THE CHANGE. Help people grow.

Please comment below, hit the contact tab and let me know what you think. If you would like to write an article for my site, contact me and we can definitely talk about it! I would be super excited to do that! Anyway, I'm keeping it simple tonight. Can't wait to hear from you!

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