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Don't Stop Believing

I feel like we all get discouraged at some point. We all tell ourselves that we are doing too much. I constantly feel this way. Speaking to a lot of friends lately, a lot of them feel like they need to back off and they are biting more than they can chew.

In Time Management: 7 Ways to Keep From Losing Your Mind, I mentioned the million different things I'm involved in and how I manage to keep myself sane during my busy schedule. I just want to say to all of you...

Don't sell yourself short.

Be comfortable being uncomfortable. If you are allowing yourself to get complacent, switch things up. Being uncomfortable fosters an environment of growth. Life gets hard and catches up to all of us, but remember why you got involved with things in the first place. Staying active mentally can bring great reward to you.

Just know the difference between when something is only detracting from your life or when it is just going through a difficult patch. It's kind of like my school. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing too much. I take too much time in classes and too much time writing essays and I could spend even more time with my son and etc. But hey, if I finish now, I can be even more involved when he is older. I won't have to play catch-up when he leaves my house and is an adult (not that I disagree with that).

Just make sure you quit for the right reasons, you know? Don't just quit because something got hard for a second. Allow yourself time to embrace those growing pains and learn from them.

Don't stop believing in yourself.

Don't stop believing in the empire you want to build for you and your family.

Don't stop believing in general.

There are so many ways we can intervene and switch things up before we decide to quit. Take the path of alternate solutions, not the one of least resistance. Do the hard work now, so life can be easy later. You WILL thank yourself for it!

I haven't been posting as often because I have been slammed with homework and work and stress and all this, but the important thing is that I continue to navigate through it and find a way to get ahead. I look forward to finishing my degree and opening up hours of my time for other things. My son isn't even two and I can assure you, he isn't suffering at the expense of my 1-2 hours of homework a night once he goes to sleep.

Whatever your challenge is, keep going. Keep believing. I promise you will figure it out.

In the meantime, forgive me for taking a knee some days to take care of my other obligations. I am continuing the search for guest writers and looking to expand content and set up some more personalized giveaways for the Facebook page! I foresee many fun things ahead and can't want to go on this journey with you! Stay tuned...!

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