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10 Things I Wish I Would've Done For My Wedding

Hello everyone! I felt like writing about a new topic tonight. My wedding. It was so fun, but would've been SO much better if I had done a few things different. Weddings have also been on my mind since my Brother-in-law is marrying his dream lady and my best friend and one of my bridesmaids is also getting married. So without further ado, here is what I wish I would've done for my wedding:

One - I wish I would've had it wherever I wanted.

I was so stressed about the location and decided on California because on one person, who didn't even bother showing up. So I wished I had stuck exactly to what I wanted when it came to the location of my wedding. It is YOUR day. Not everyone else's. To be honest with you, whoever comes to your wedding no matter what are usually the people that will also be there for your marriage too. Cherish those people. If I would've known what little amount of people would stop at nothing to be at my wedding, I would have just got married somewhere really cool with my very small circle. I mean, I had fun at my wedding. A lot of fun. But I cried for a long time when I ended up just disinviting my "best friend" because she made up a million excuses why she couldn't just go when I had literally planned the wedding around her. But hey, you live and you learn.

Two - I wish I would've had my bachelorette party a week before my wedding.

I had my party the night before my wedding. Look, IT'S A BAD IDEA. I mean, I had a lot of fun, but I got so drunk, I was hungover all day on my wedding day and it was AWFUL. I was having hot flashes before the ceremony and I don't know if it was because of the handover or if it was me being nervous. Also, there was so much drama between the ladies the night before my wedding. Alcohol and petty queens is not a good mix. Please don't try it.

Three - I wish I would have hired a wedding planner.

I relied on the old belief that my Maid of Honor takes on most of the planning. And she was willing...apparently. She ended up not doing a thing and making a million excuses as to why she may not be able to show up. Honestly? I'm tired of making people feel better about the fact that they aren't good friends to me. So I uninvited her and told her to figure it all out and I'll worry about it. Which sucked, because I was 3 thousand miles away from my wedding location since I'm military and was stationed overseas. A wedding planner can take away so much stress. You just give them a budget and they give you the product. It's worth the money and the guarantee that things will get done.

Four - I wish I would've got a caterer from a place I actually know I like.

Most wedding venues have a cater they usually go with. But you don't HAVE to use them. I didn't even like the food at my own wedding and my friends went and got me In-n-Out Burger.. That's a little sad. It was a great venue and it was alright food. But I was supposed to have amazing food for my amazing night. But, I don't beat myself up, I did pretty good for how far away I was.

Five - I wish I would've got a bustle for my dress.

I didn't get a bustle on my dress because I figured I wouldn't wear it long and would change into a party dress. But, I wanted to wear my dress for the first dance, the cake cutting, and events like that. So since I didn't have the bustle, I was changing in and out of my dress multiple times and I got so tired of it, I left the end of my party in sweats and a T-shirt. (I also had to pump breastmilk, so keeping up was crazy)

Six - I wish I would've done it at a more private location.

I did it in a hotel so everyone could get a room and not have a risk of drinking and driving. But to be honest with you, it wasn't all that serious. I wish I would've done it at someones's beautiful house to save the money and have a more intimate wedding. It also would've allowed for us to just buy our own alcohol and be more free and relaxed to do what we wanted. I could've just took everyone's keys before the drinking started!

Seven - I wish I would've hired someone to make my decorations.

I made my own decorations, but it stressed me out. I'm not that crafty of a person and at the time, I just couldn't find a company I trusted. My friend back then had a little decor company, but like I said, she didn't end up helping with the wedding much at all. SO unfortunately I didn't get my decor through her. I wanted to pay full price and everything, she kept saying yes but it never got done. So, I don't know. I just moved on and made my own. They were cute, but I would've liked to just have someone else do it.

Eight - I wish I would've planned out my trip better, or not went at all.

Maybe this is just a military issue, but whenever we come back home, people done really plan to be with us. It makes it a vacation full of just sitting around. I hated it! I spent 6 thousand dollars just to fly home for this wedding. And I get it, it's my wedding. But I was in the states for 2 wholes weeks and everybody was busy or tired or living their life. I wish I would've planned some things to do and stopped waiting around for other people to get off work. Or, as I said before, I could've had a tiny wedding somewhere cool and went out and did activities in a country I've never been to before.

Nine - I wish I would've planned some pampering for my husband and I.

Since we both just waited around for people to stop and visit us, I wish I would've taken them time to plan out a spa day and some massages for my husband and I. We were on vacation, getting married, and new parents of a three month old. WE DESERVED IT. Some pampering together would've helped make a little piece of our trip peaceful and gave us some alone time. We didn't get ANY alone time during the whole trip. We had babysitters for periods of time, but not enough to be Husband and Wife for a second.

Ten - I wish I would've showed my REAL friends more appreciation at the time.

When you plan your wedding, you are so fixated on this big party, you invite everyone you've ever known to be there and soon enough, it looses its authenticity because the crowd will be a bunch of people who don't even care about you. I'm LUCKY certain people flaked on me. Because in the most beautiful day of my life and the ONE day I ask that everything be about me, the fake ones didn't show up. The REAL ones did. For Example, My first Maid of Honor was uninvited. Even though I've known her for so long and been good friends for so long, I knew deep in my heart there was no way she was going to go. So why the hell did I even ask? There were 20 million excuses from day one. But my REAL friends, I hadn't even asked to be my bridesmaids. I was so upset. Two of them had training or deployments with the military, which is fair, but the other spots just were not genuine and I asked the wrong people.

I know this all sounds negative and that isn't the point. I had a wonderful wedding and I'm happy with it and we all had fun! I just wish I would've done it a little bit differently so we all could've had much more fun! So now that I have been through this, some day when someone asks, I think I will be well prepared to guide someone through planning a wedding a knowing what mentality they should have going into it. If you have anything to add, leave a comment below! Let me know what you think!

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